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Registration and Reregistration

The administrative registrations/reregistrations will open from september 3, 2018. You must register for 2018/2019, even if you defend your thesis before December 22nd, 2018.

There are two new procedures:

  • No one needs to pay 217€ for student social security.  If you were already in France, you will be covered by last years social security for the coming year. You can read about this here. New doctoral researchers arriving from a foreign country must register for social security here.
  • You are obliged to pay the CVEC. Please choose CVEC from "Académie de Versailles". After paying you must download the proof of payment that you will show to the registration services of the university.
First years students must sign up via ADUM platform where you can choose the french or english option. Many of you already have a personal account from your application procedure. If not, please create your personal account in ADUM.

How to register? Please fill out all information requested by ADUM, even those that are not required (without an *).

For re-registration for 2nd, 3rd, 4th and more year, you must also update your ADUM dossier here, following this procedure.

Important for all registering a 4th time or more:

  • If you will defend your thesis between September 1st and December 22nd, you will have to pay the CVEC but can be excused from paying the registration fees by filling out a document at the administration. For this, you will need the signed document "Désignation des rapporteurs" that you print on your ADUM platform after providing information about your defense.
  • All of you require an additional "Formulaire de demande de dérogation portant sur la durée de la thèse", either for a defense a defense before or after 31/12/2018 that needs to be filled out carefully and in detail by you and your supervisor, giving all the requested information. Attention! if you defend after 31/12/2018, you require a statement from your thesis committee to justify the additional time.


The information that you fill in on the ADUM platform, if it is filled out correctly, supplies the details we need for your progress report  that will permit us to authoriser your re-registration. We will need to see the following information: 

- In the tab  "Administrative attachment":

for "Scientific Direction" you should choose 5 if your PhD speciality is "Biology" and 10 if your PhD speciality is "Sciences Agronomiques"                            Your supervisor should tell you to which CNU Section she or he belongs. It will be between 64 and 68.

- In the tab "Thesis progress": You do not need to fill in anything for "The thesis sponsor"

- In the tab "Individual training contract" please follow this link to get information 

  • section "MODE OF THE SUPERVISION...": briefly list the experiments you have carried out and a summary of the results obtained
  • section "INDIVIDUAL TRAINING PLAN": please list the training courses you would like to take 

- In the tab "Competencies and portfolio" please do not forget to fill in all relevant information, for example:

  • if you have acquired new technical or transverse skills during the thesis.
  • If you have carried out an internship in another lab, participated in a congress or workshop please enter the details under the section "PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCES OR INTERNSHIPS" 
  • If you carried out a "mission doctorale" in addition to your research, please indicate this under "Did you teach?"

- In the tab "Thesis follow-up members" you will fill out the information on the members of your thesis committee. This information is mandatory    for the 3rd registrations and more.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The “Check Liste” that you can find by clicking “Liste des pieces à fournir” in ADUM asks for a number of things that we do not require.  
We require only the following, for you to upload in a single .PDF in the section "Documents to be attached", together with your photo:  

 For first time registrations: 

  • A photocopy of your diploma or an attestation of having obtained a French or European Masters Degree 
  • For non-European diplomas: a detailed CV, grade transcripts with a list of courses taken and a copy of the last diploma obtained 
 For all, including the first year’s: 
  •  A copy (scan) of your national identity card or passport (and residence permit for non-European citizens) 
  • Your last student card 
  • Proof of financial support for your thesis (doctoral contract, other work contract, fellowship…): First years financed on a doctoral contract have no contract as yet. This is not a problem. The administration knows that you are financed.
  • In the case of a Cotutelle with joint degree programme: the cotutelle agreement and proof of registration in the other University if you have already registered there 

 Afterwards when you have finalised your procedure (only after having uploaded your pdf) and clicked "Transmission des données pour acceptation" you can print out the following necessary administrative documents from your personal account space in ADUM:

  • the “Autorisation d’inscription en doctorat”
  • the "Dérogation" (only for 4th year's and more)
  • the page with the signatures of the “Charte du doctorat” (only for the 1st year's)
  • the doctoral training agreement
  • the" fiche Apogée" (for the 1st year's, and also for the others if their situation has changed)

The director(s) of the doctoral school should sign these papers last, so please do not come until you have all the other signatures. Please make an appointment with the director <> or the vice director <> to make sure they are there. 
  We will scan the "Autorisation inscription and the page of "Charte du doctorat" with all the signatures.

After getting one of their signatures you will go to the administrative services for doctoral studies in building 301 of the Orsay Campus. There they will help you complete the administrative registration, for which you will need the documents listed including the proof of payment of the CVEC, a means of payment (credit card or cheque) and, for the 1st registration only,  the page of the "Charte du doctorat" with the signatures.