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Each doctoral candidate is expected to take about 100 hours of training during the thesis. This training can be of different types - formal courses, but also workshops and congresses, and formal courses should be a balance of specialised technical scientific training, general skills training such as scientific communication and pedagogy and personal skills training, such as project management and career orientation.

To check whether an activity can be counted towards you training programme please contact the direction team, in particular Ariane Gratias-Weill, responsible for training programmes. Here we provide links to help you find courses that may interest you:

 Links to the courses for PhD students offered by University Paris Sud and Paris Saclay: 
You will find the training courses via this link on the Paris-Saclay site or this one via ADUM.  

Hier you can finf trainings at Centre D'Alembert University Paris Sud

Doctoral training program in scientific communication of the Association Paris Montagne : 
The Urfist of Paris, Unité Régionale de Formation à l'Information Scientifique et Technique (regional unit for training in scientific and technical information) offers doctoral training courses : 
We have a convention with the Collège de France allowing you to attend their lectures and have them count towards your training. You can find information on their programme.

University Paris 7 offers many training courses open to doctoral students. Check the listing under "autres diplomes" here